Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Ask me if I'm not excited!!!  I got yummy cupcakes from where else? Cupcakes! Some hunny loves me!  I had hinted at that one and didn't want anything more but today I got a Vermont Teddy Bear too!

"Love at first Bite!" His teeth retract as all good vampires do! Isn't he gorgeous? So is the hubby who got him for me! I am a big vampire fanatic.

I need to add that I did had to go to the ER for my pinkie.  With all the wild things that have been happening with my meds, lupus, diabetes and pain problems, I did not have much of a choice.  That evening I hit a 10+ on the scale!  I'm getting spots again on my head!  Those things are awful! Methotrexate is on the agenda so I need to make an appointment with my RA to get started.  I'm not feeling good about this medication move but the other stuff is not helping with the swelling.  I guess that means the lupus is taking a step in it's direction.  I know that I will get better again but I'm afraid of the problems that can occur taking the Methotrexate.  This is the moment that I pray and leave everything up to Him! Good news is after 6 weeks of a bad cold, I'm FINALLY over it.:D

okay, now for the goods...

Sewing sort of counts!  I am starting the Jeans Pocket Hanger for Martica's Swap!  I am keeping busy!  I am dusting off the sewing machine for that so if I'm pulling it out of retirement I am going to make this TOATALLY worth it!  That means I will be on scrap hiatus for a while. 

SCRAPP'N: All kinds of good bits tonight!   

Homemade Anti Static Bag for Ebossing! EASY TOO!
  •  a clean pair panty hose or a single stocking
  • baby powder or corstartch ( I like the smell of the baby powder especially if I'm dealing with icky smelling stuff) 
  • A tall glass
Cut the top off the pantyhose as far up the leg as you can. or just to where the reinforced bit starts. Put the toe of the stocking inside the glass about 4 inches hanging inside. pour in the powder or cornstarch enough to fill an inch or of the toe. Carefully pull out the stocking and twist the top twice making a ball at the toe where the powder is. pull the other side over the ball and twist twice again. Continue to do this till you have a enough to make a knot at the end.

I left enough at the end made my knot then made a lace flower but before I tied the ends to make the flower I put it arount the knot and then pulled the ends of the string around it making the top a nice little grasp flower! :) For those who have never made a ribbon/lace flower:
A super HUGE thank you to Linda Israel for this information! SHE IS AN INCREDIBLE ARTIST!!

 Okay!  What got done for Valentines?  WOW!  Last week was my lil bugs party and I did 10 mailboxes (11 if you count the dog),  the same amount in Valentine cards and a Valentine for Hubby!

Mailboxes for Valentines
 This is one of the 11 mailboxes that I made for the Preschool Valentines celebration! As I said I used Cricut cartridge LOVESTRUCK 2010 and the Expressions to cut!  I used Bazzil Prismatics-White for the Mailbox. Doted Swiss-Ballet Up was used for the hearts on the flag and the mailbox door. Monochromatic-Raven was used for the name, and Pomegranate for the flag and closure heart on mailbox.  I know that I should have done more but the hands were a bit swollen and were not doing what I would have liked. They were perfect as is!

Valentine for Hubby 2010
 This the card I made Valentines 2010 for my handsome hubby!  The Lavena ribbon on the sides and the closure ribbon is from our wedding!  The knife for cutting the cake was decorated and I took the ribbons, the flower with rhinestone and the lavender beaded baubles from that very piece  to make this Valentine!  Here's a good question for Hubby when you give him this: "Do you recognize any of the stuff on your Valentine"?

The cardstock is all Bazzill!  I know that the card was made with Bling-Infatuation, the White hearts are Prismatic-White. I believe that the Red heart is Prismatic-Red Carpet.  But not sure about the lavendar hearts! :o(

 This is this Years card! 

I am learning to Emboss, hence the Anti Static bag above!  And I really wanted to do all kinds of things I've not done. I embossed the front with a stamp, "I Cherish our Friendship, an I will love you now, and forever".  I embossed on a pink velum from a Making Memories-Watercolor Brite pack  (I've never used velum before this). I placed the velum over a fun Valentines printed paper,  Fancy Pants Designs-Love Birds Collection - Only One. The card and 3" heart are Bazzill Monochromatic- Pomegranate  and the 1" heart is Monochromatic- White. The printed paper was cut with Martha Stewart, large punch around the page-Double Arches. 

Handmade Flower Swap
From left to right top:  The first is ribbons and lace, some were smaller white lace flower with the same black lace flower. The flower center done with stickles as is the entire flowerHere is an excellant video to make the flowers: TIP: To achieve length of ribbon or lace to make flower, multiply the width of the ribbon or lace by 12 then you will have the length in inches to cut it!  The Center is a paper flower.  This was made with Bazzill Prismatics, Raven and the printed paper is Lily Bee Design-Christmas Town Collection- Night Divine. The last on top is a quilled  (my version of a pansy) in black and red. Quilling is relatively easy for those with working fingers! For quilling there are a few items you need! My suggestion is to purchase a kit, it contains two types of quill tools (purple), tweezers, circle measure with ruler, quilling strips, glue, detailed beginner instructions on quilling and a few instructions on how to make a few finished quilled items, a few cards and frames last but not least you have a wonderful clear and purple container to keep it all in for future quilling use! Just google search 'quilling kit'.  I did that and there are some for $20. WOW, that was a mouthful! The bottom row from left to right: The first is ribbons and lace done with light blue lace with dark blue satin ribbon. The Center is a paper flower.  I used  Bazzill Prismatics Nautical Blue Light and the printed paper is We Are Memory Keepers-Old Glory paper pack (using that stock!) the last on the bottom is a felt rose in dark blue.  I used stickles Stary Night for a little sparkle.
 To make the paper puffy flower: I used the Cricut Cartridge Mothers Day Bouquet, sixth row, second flower, long 9 petals.  The same flower is on; Accent Essentials - page 41,Walk In My Garden - page 25 has a long 7 petal flower that would work as well.  
  1. For one flower cut one, 3" , one, 2.5", one, 2" and one 1.5" from solid cardstock and printed paper> 
  2. Glue flowers together, gluing just in the center, alternating from cardstock to the printed paper, from largest (3" flower) to smallest (1.5" flower).
  3. Push center of flower with pinky finger or rounded bottom of wooden spoon and pull the petals upward.
  4. Let the glue dry completely.  When glue dries, gently curl each petal toward the outside of the flower.  
  5. When you get to the last layer, 1.5 inch petals, glue the end of each petal to the bottom.
  6. Use a button or large brad for the center. 
You can complete 4 flowers from one 12x12 piece of solid colored cardstock and one of printed paper. Yes, it is a bit of work but they are so pretty!
To make the felt rose: (wool felt is best!) 
  1. Cut a circle, about the size of a DVD, to get about a 2" completed rose.
  2. Cut a spiral around from the outside to the inside of the circle.   
  3. Start to roll from outside of circle to the inside. while doing this use tacky glue or glue gun intermittently to keep it secure.  
  4. Roll to end the securing with glue. 
  5. Pinch the rose from the bottom and the center moves up a bit.  
  6. Trim the edges with small 'V' cuts and form petals on the edges of a few layers of the rose.  You can do this before hand, but I like doing it after.  Rose is complete!
Wow! Is that it??  Yup LONG week but I'm glad!  I'm beat. 3 days late but I got ya!

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  1. I love these handmade flowers! My favorite is the black one in the center and I also like that paper quilling one too.