Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yahoooooo! It is Saturday!!

I keep thinking that every Saturday is a holiday because I get to sleep in just a little! 

Keeping busy, on my toes and this is the first time in a long time I've really been able to type!! Had some problems due to the weather but been feeling better than weeks past. 

The Bug had his first sleepover!  Big day and night on Wednesday.  We are the official on call people for my cousin when she has another big moment in life to celebrate!  Just a false alarm but the boys (her son and my son) had a great time!  They are only 6 weeks apart and it's nice to see the two of them growing up together! 


I joined in on a scraplift for August.  That was fun! 

 Page 16, scroll down to newazscrapper (Pic of my babies) and you will see my layout and the layout that I scraplifted.  I can't wait till September! 


Worked on my cousins baby quilt.  That is rough work!  The whole idea of giving this to someone as a gift!  I think I was really intimidated by that.  I did not want to make a mess of the fabric and I did not feel comfortable sewing!  I managed to get over the anxiety and have complete the blocks!  Now assembly and borders and I will have a quilt front!  


Sunday, August 22, 2010

WOW! A scrappin' we will go!

I am so very proud of myself!  I finished sandwiching Duncan's 1st quilt, cut the fabric on my cousins baby's quilt, cut fabric for a 'test' quilt, and finished a Layout in uhh, a week?  Yup a week!  YEA ME!  

So wear is all this stuff?  waiting to be sewn, waiting to be photographed and I'm waiting for a good moment to do all this stuff!  

But on a super note I actual feel better than I have in days despite the weather!  Not a bad thing considering it is the end of monsoon season here! 

This is to let anyone know that has visted recently that September 14th is the BIG DAY on HSN!!!  

will be making it's BIG debut!  I'm excited!  Why?  Because it is the end of the summer, Fall is upon us and around the corner is winter and Christmas!  Who doesn't want one of these under there tree??  I currently have a personal and have been wanting an Expression.  I've uh, changed my mind?  I wrote Santa a letter stating that my last list has been updated and enclosed was the updated list.  I'm sure he has read it.  Hopefully everyone who expected an Expression with tons of carts has done the same.

CRICUT IMAGINE  will work with all the regular carts, with the gypsy and have the regular perks of our CREATE AND EXPRESSIONS With one unique factor...ability to print and in color! There will be a few carts expressly designed for the lovely machine and the printing feature is courtesy of our buddies at HP.   Exciting News for the CRICUT CREW wait on baited breath for new toys to play with!

A fond adieu to one and all! Until Next time when I will finally have something photographed and blog updated! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why I should WIN a Cricut Imagine...

I deserve to win a  Cricut Imagine because I am a mommy of a 3 year old and I plan to get as involved with his school activities and such as much as I can! So simple to say, heard many times before but with me it's just a little different.

In 2003 my 9 year old son and I had a major car accident.  He had minor injuries.  I did not do as well.  I became physically disabled and was no longer able to work.  My world changed.  Ironically 2 years later, I met my husband and we married a year after that!

One year, one day other medical problems and 6 painful, tiring months later we were blessed with a baby! Because of his size he needed time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  I noticed in each individual area was a 12x12 colorful page with a picture of the baby, foot print, birth information and parents' names.  The title: Welcome to Banner Mesa NICU.  The nurse walked in and I told her that I was admiring all of the scrapbook styled signs above the incubators.  She said, "I'm so sorry! I've been gone and hadn't started yours!"  She asked me to join the NiCU Mommies Crop Night.  I did!  The baby was released 9 days later, next day we moved into our new home.  

I loved having a craft to document and create memories of our family!  That Christmas I received a Cricut Personal!  My first creation was a Disney Mickey door hanger for my eldest.  Shortly thereafter the medical issues and pain worsened.  I spent days in bed and was not able to put a scrap page together.  By January, I was barely able to take care of our new baby.  

After 2 years, diagnosed with lupus, various implanted gadgets, I felt well enough to dust off my scrap table and get back to work on baby journals and photo sorting!  That brings us to February 2010!  With painful hands and occasional fingers locking I do my best on layouts with my Cricut personal!  I use it for EVERYTHING I CAN!  I've a few more cartridges, and Gypsy.  So long as I pace myself, I'm fine.

I'm not too busy anymore, I do not work, nor able to.  I have time for my sons, my husband and my Cricut Crafting.  I thought (NEED) to get an Expressions eventually but raising two boys takes its toll on a budget.  I saw Imagine and thought: NOW WHAT DO I DO??  I hope that you read this and choose me for an Imagine!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Days!!

Bug celebrated his 3 birthday! Hubby and I celebrated 4 years of marriage the day before.  It has been difficult this week as a flare up has been one of the worse! My fault though.
Saturday the 31st we had a renter leave our place in a state that appeared beyond repair and cleaning! At 4:00 in the afternoon, finding someone to do a '911' job is impossible. Although if we are ever in need of a Bio-clean (one of those groups who cleans murder scenes/crime messes) I now have a phone number! We were off to the supermarket for a rug doctor then home to gather supplies. I called my parents and my aunt was visiting as well so they hopped in the car and helped too! There we all were cleaning the condo and doing our best to make it presentable until necessary repairs could be made. I can honestly say that the bio-clean guys probably would have been the best choice in this situation based on some of the 'messes' we found.  
One week after that fun job and I'm still not feeling the best but I am not feeling like I did this past Monday either!  

I have not done A THING!  Well, not entirely true, I cleaned up MY little corner of my hub-bubs office  and thought about the layout for cutting some chipboard. 

I FINALLY finished a quilt! Okay, it's the doggy quilt but that's okay, accomplishment comes in baby steps sometimes.  Four blocks sewn together, quilted with batting, backing and a label...technically that is a quilt!  Each block is a 10" x 10" and the name of the block is 'Children's Delight'.  I printed the block pattern from Quilters Cache.  This place is an excellent resource for block patterns and quilting information.  Thank You Marcia Hohn, you are WONDER WOMAN (note, all caps)! 
Here are some pics:
 Front was made with holiday scraps in brown and white, binding with green.

Back is made with  the same white scrap fabric on front and label has a machine stitched green leaf border. The lettering flowers and cross stitch  border between the date and quilter information hand stitched in 18 count Aida fabric.    

I had fun doing this and learned a great deal from it. Now to go forward, bind my big quilt and start another!  Bye for now