Sunday, August 22, 2010

WOW! A scrappin' we will go!

I am so very proud of myself!  I finished sandwiching Duncan's 1st quilt, cut the fabric on my cousins baby's quilt, cut fabric for a 'test' quilt, and finished a Layout in uhh, a week?  Yup a week!  YEA ME!  

So wear is all this stuff?  waiting to be sewn, waiting to be photographed and I'm waiting for a good moment to do all this stuff!  

But on a super note I actual feel better than I have in days despite the weather!  Not a bad thing considering it is the end of monsoon season here! 

This is to let anyone know that has visted recently that September 14th is the BIG DAY on HSN!!!  

will be making it's BIG debut!  I'm excited!  Why?  Because it is the end of the summer, Fall is upon us and around the corner is winter and Christmas!  Who doesn't want one of these under there tree??  I currently have a personal and have been wanting an Expression.  I've uh, changed my mind?  I wrote Santa a letter stating that my last list has been updated and enclosed was the updated list.  I'm sure he has read it.  Hopefully everyone who expected an Expression with tons of carts has done the same.

CRICUT IMAGINE  will work with all the regular carts, with the gypsy and have the regular perks of our CREATE AND EXPRESSIONS With one unique factor...ability to print and in color! There will be a few carts expressly designed for the lovely machine and the printing feature is courtesy of our buddies at HP.   Exciting News for the CRICUT CREW wait on baited breath for new toys to play with!

A fond adieu to one and all! Until Next time when I will finally have something photographed and blog updated! 

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