Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cricut Imagine is here and where to find help. ***SPECIAL UPDATE

The Cricut Imagine is out!!!  So far the new owner evaluations are  between the pro's and the con's (see HSN Imagine listing and some new owners speak out!).  There are some who have already sent thier Imagine back and wait for a new one! There are others who have had no problems with it and love their new Imagine!  I will keep you updated!  

Places where to find help:

 this is the actual Cricut forum spot set up JUST FOR IMAGINE owner help!
Imagine tech support forum 

this is a list of videos over the last 24 hours for the Imagine
list of you tube videos for Cricut Imagine 

I will be updating this every day for the next week or so.  I hope this helps someone.  

Thursday there were no updates but Today I have a few of my own...
I called:

Gypsy Q:  updates for the Gypsy and the Imagine won't be ready untill end of the month, mid October.  Till then?  trudge through the carts and know that it won't be an issue after October.

Outline:  To outline as the artist intended.  use default.  For a larger outline use the custom and you can increase the line that way and give it a different color!  Outline currently only be used with the Imagine cartridges.  Sorry, no update on that one.  
Mats:  No, we are not crazy.  Some of the mats are a little difficult but the adhesive does increase with use.  Do try to use a plastic scrapper on the mat and then a quick wipe with a warm water cloth.  DO NOT DRY.  let it dry.  There should be some sticky then.  If not?  Call Support

Imagine:  It is a computer.  Be kind.  Pushing too many buttons at the same time can confuse your Imagine.  If it starts to get fussy try shutting it off, unplug and then get it going again after 5-10 minute pause.  It should come back to normal.  Otherwise call the Cricut Support. 

Paper/Cardstock:  Trial and error.  It is suggested to use the 70 lb paper/cardstock.  Once again if it is lighter paper/cardstock?  Try a slower speed and/or lower depth on the blade.  

Other Q's?
 Cricut Support
Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm (MST)
Cricut suppport: 801-932-1144
Toll Free: 877-7CRICUT (877-727-4288)
Fax: 801-794-9001

Be patient, they are swampped with phone calls.  I waited for 8 minutes. 
NO QUESTION IS STUPID!!  So they sit and laugh about it on a coffee break.  No problem.  You got your question answered that is all that counts! 

Good Luck!  Heck!  Send me an e-mail, I might be able to help or learn something new!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A do nothing week...NOT

I've been overtired, a little cranky and not feeling at all like doing stuff! Duncan has been getting into trouble again. Justin well, his birthday is coming up so he is on his best. Ross has been busy! He is making me something and once he is done I'll know and you'll know! All the laundry got folded and put away! There is my accomplishment YAHOO! I did do something!
Now for the goods:


I got an IMAGINE 8 min into the HSN debut! Yes, I was so excited I could not stop pacing and saying I can't believe it! Here's how it happened. I was watching, My hubby was to and he said 'Are you going to get it or what?' I said OK. while on the phone with the rep he shouted out to me ' get the paper too!' I said 'how about the extended warranty?' and he said, ' yeah, that too'! I got other bits during the 24 hour scrapping on HSN (that could explain why I was tired the next day)!

I got a few carts Very Merry Tags and Life's a Beach today! hurray! I shopped for some stuff at my LSS, Scrapbook etc. Then the worse happened! While I was there I found out I missed my class ! Susan came out and said hello then said I missed her class! My jaw dropped and I was bummed the rest of the time! She gave me the packet and I now have fall and Halloween pop up cards to make! I'm looking forward to that and I am sure I will be calling you soon coffeejavalatte!


Yes, shopping does count! While at LSS I got some thread I needed to continue the baby quilt. I got some basting spray at Joann's . I have the second border done...oh that was last week. Well, I am planning on doing something! This is the week, I feel it! and as soon as I can I will go climb a big mountain too! I need to finish the baby quilt. Well one good thing! I got the card finished for the baby quilt! 

OK, all I did was shop but that is exhausting too! The fact that I did shop for scrapping and quilting items. So HA!

Till next we meet. Same Bat time, same bat channel!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is not my normal BLOG day but had to put this out there! I really like this cartridge and have been wanting it for the fonts!  It is primarily fonts. Cute other bits on there like 'Pop Star', 'Rock' (that one is pretty nice!), 'Daddy's Girl', and 'Princess'! 

I'm not a fan really. Well she is a sweet kid and does sing well but as far as getting a t-shirt and writing fan-mail (unless my 3 year old wants me to) is concerned, I won't be doing that anytime soon (Sorry Miley).  

Hit  Hannah Montana Cartridge Give Away  (<-- here) and Good Luck!! 


Saturday, September 11, 2010

97°F, Current: Partly Cloudy Wind: SW at 7 mph Humidity: 8% Gotta love AZ

Another relatively bright afternoon here folks.  The kids are napping (Bug, dad and dog), and it is time for the big updates!  

Progress repot for the Baby Bear is here! Most all the classes (okay English was a 78%) had above the 90% mark! That is BIG news here!  Graduation is this year (May 2011) so this is always panic time for many parents. Yes, even those straight A's and high scores off the charts types too!  I think it has to do with the stress of Graduation and getting out into that big, bad world out there! 
The bug has been a bit over the top the past few days!  Really defiant, loud and telling stories of how the dog did it and he did not.  He does not know about that opposing thumbs deal with dogs.  Basically we KNOW he did it! He is definitely bent on making our lives as interesting as possible.  

Ross got SOOOO much accomplished this week!  He finished the closet doors for Bug's room and the the bedroom door as well.  He had this wild idea of three colors and I thought.  Okay, I'll bite.  He did it and looks terrific!  Pictures will come when we finally have the border up because the paint choices don't make any sense without it! 

I did not cook dinner at all this week. Not boasting but bumming about that. Had a rough week before then the weekend trip tends to wipe me out as well so this week when I was able to do something I worked on the quilt and the new baby's card!  


another scrapless week. Oh NO! I lied (now we know where he gets it from, darn!) I've been to the closeout sale (do sales count?)  of one of the lovely stores I visited,  'A Scrappin Affair'.  I was very sad to hear that they were closing and had hoped to see them again at another location but that did not happen.  Duncan went with me and it was chaos.  A narrow path with stuff in nice, and simple displays.  To move items from a small shop to the back of another place where the room you have is a quarter the size of said original store?  TOUGH DEAL!  I dealt with a few loud "I want to go home", "I want daddy" and of course "carry me"! I made an additional visit on Friday, ALONE and shopped a for additional goodies. I have more CS (like I did not have enough already) paper, embellies and pens. 

I am working on a card for my cousin to give her with the quilt.  There is stitching on it and has some of the colors of the quilt on it.  My cousin is not big on the baby colors and pastel deal.  She likes bright and bold. I have given her that!  I'll show a pic of that card to come once completed!  

Before I forget!  Today is the 9/11 Blog Hop starting at Pink Cricuts!  Start there and you will get instructions on your next stop! Great Give aways and terrific stops at each blog!  GO!   9/11 Blog Hop

Here is a picture of the progress thus far.  Second border not sewn on but it gives you an idea of how it is to look:

 Lots of fun working on a baby quilt!  It does not freighten the newbie in me as much as the first one I did.  The fact that it is a gift still makes me a little squeamish about making it. I have done the first border in white and the second will be done in the same fabric patterned squares as are in the quilt blocks.  I am sure I will be finished with the second border soon! (Crossing Fingers!) 


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Over the river (okay canal) and through the woods (it is called a forest! There is desert, cactus...SAME THING), to grandmothers house we go!

Hurray for us! There was no stress about house cleaning and baby for 2 nights and 2 days (we are normally responsible for the 1st night)! A holiday weekend and we actually WENT somewhere! Yes, a two hour drive is going somewhere especially when it means a temperature drop anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees in some cases! That means a whole lot when you find yourself soaked from just stepping out the front door to freezing when you get out of the car! My cousin had her baby! YAHOOO!! A little girl as adorable to imagine! I saw that my cousin's strength was starting to get a bit low and the whole " I'm doing great" turned to "when is this going to be over". I'm happy to say mom and new baby girl are doing fine as are daddy and the new big brother!


Funny but I actually did do something this week! My poor exhausted cousin came over to pick up her son and do a family page for his 1st day at preschool! I worked with her, got out the Gypsy, did a few cuts while she watched on and had Braxton Hicks! And no picture, can you believe that?  You would think after the last mini disaster I would remember to pull out the camera and say cheese.  SHEESH!


This week has been a big 'not much done week'. Aside from putting on the
first border and taking it off again because it was not done right. Ah yes, the newbie in me strikes again. I read two different ways to do a metered border now for you gals who have been doing this like puting on your slip on shoes, I'm sure you are laughing. But there are those who do not quite match your expertise and abilities. Yup, I'm one of those! I've done two quilt borders and they both have been squared corners. This is my first mitered so bare with me!

Hope those who read are doing well, staying healthy last but not least, Scrappin' and Quilting there hearts out!