Sunday, September 19, 2010

A do nothing week...NOT

I've been overtired, a little cranky and not feeling at all like doing stuff! Duncan has been getting into trouble again. Justin well, his birthday is coming up so he is on his best. Ross has been busy! He is making me something and once he is done I'll know and you'll know! All the laundry got folded and put away! There is my accomplishment YAHOO! I did do something!
Now for the goods:


I got an IMAGINE 8 min into the HSN debut! Yes, I was so excited I could not stop pacing and saying I can't believe it! Here's how it happened. I was watching, My hubby was to and he said 'Are you going to get it or what?' I said OK. while on the phone with the rep he shouted out to me ' get the paper too!' I said 'how about the extended warranty?' and he said, ' yeah, that too'! I got other bits during the 24 hour scrapping on HSN (that could explain why I was tired the next day)!

I got a few carts Very Merry Tags and Life's a Beach today! hurray! I shopped for some stuff at my LSS, Scrapbook etc. Then the worse happened! While I was there I found out I missed my class ! Susan came out and said hello then said I missed her class! My jaw dropped and I was bummed the rest of the time! She gave me the packet and I now have fall and Halloween pop up cards to make! I'm looking forward to that and I am sure I will be calling you soon coffeejavalatte!


Yes, shopping does count! While at LSS I got some thread I needed to continue the baby quilt. I got some basting spray at Joann's . I have the second border done...oh that was last week. Well, I am planning on doing something! This is the week, I feel it! and as soon as I can I will go climb a big mountain too! I need to finish the baby quilt. Well one good thing! I got the card finished for the baby quilt! 

OK, all I did was shop but that is exhausting too! The fact that I did shop for scrapping and quilting items. So HA!

Till next we meet. Same Bat time, same bat channel!

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  1. Hi there! :) You blog is wonderful and full of sparkling humor!!! I really enjoy to read it!