Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Another relatively bright afternoon here folks.  The kids are napping (Bug, dad and dog), and it is time for the big updates!  

Progress repot for the Baby Bear is here! Most all the classes (okay English was a 78%) had above the 90% mark! That is BIG news here!  Graduation is this year (May 2011) so this is always panic time for many parents. Yes, even those straight A's and high scores off the charts types too!  I think it has to do with the stress of Graduation and getting out into that big, bad world out there! 
The bug has been a bit over the top the past few days!  Really defiant, loud and telling stories of how the dog did it and he did not.  He does not know about that opposing thumbs deal with dogs.  Basically we KNOW he did it! He is definitely bent on making our lives as interesting as possible.  

Ross got SOOOO much accomplished this week!  He finished the closet doors for Bug's room and the the bedroom door as well.  He had this wild idea of three colors and I thought.  Okay, I'll bite.  He did it and looks terrific!  Pictures will come when we finally have the border up because the paint choices don't make any sense without it! 

I did not cook dinner at all this week. Not boasting but bumming about that. Had a rough week before then the weekend trip tends to wipe me out as well so this week when I was able to do something I worked on the quilt and the new baby's card!  


another scrapless week. Oh NO! I lied (now we know where he gets it from, darn!) I've been to the closeout sale (do sales count?)  of one of the lovely stores I visited,  'A Scrappin Affair'.  I was very sad to hear that they were closing and had hoped to see them again at another location but that did not happen.  Duncan went with me and it was chaos.  A narrow path with stuff in nice, and simple displays.  To move items from a small shop to the back of another place where the room you have is a quarter the size of said original store?  TOUGH DEAL!  I dealt with a few loud "I want to go home", "I want daddy" and of course "carry me"! I made an additional visit on Friday, ALONE and shopped a for additional goodies. I have more CS (like I did not have enough already) paper, embellies and pens. 

I am working on a card for my cousin to give her with the quilt.  There is stitching on it and has some of the colors of the quilt on it.  My cousin is not big on the baby colors and pastel deal.  She likes bright and bold. I have given her that!  I'll show a pic of that card to come once completed!  

Before I forget!  Today is the 9/11 Blog Hop starting at Pink Cricuts!  Start there and you will get instructions on your next stop! Great Give aways and terrific stops at each blog!  GO!   9/11 Blog Hop

Here is a picture of the progress thus far.  Second border not sewn on but it gives you an idea of how it is to look:

 Lots of fun working on a baby quilt!  It does not freighten the newbie in me as much as the first one I did.  The fact that it is a gift still makes me a little squeamish about making it. I have done the first border in white and the second will be done in the same fabric patterned squares as are in the quilt blocks.  I am sure I will be finished with the second border soon! (Crossing Fingers!) 


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