Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Over the river (okay canal) and through the woods (it is called a forest! There is desert, cactus...SAME THING), to grandmothers house we go!

Hurray for us! There was no stress about house cleaning and baby for 2 nights and 2 days (we are normally responsible for the 1st night)! A holiday weekend and we actually WENT somewhere! Yes, a two hour drive is going somewhere especially when it means a temperature drop anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees in some cases! That means a whole lot when you find yourself soaked from just stepping out the front door to freezing when you get out of the car! My cousin had her baby! YAHOOO!! A little girl as adorable to imagine! I saw that my cousin's strength was starting to get a bit low and the whole " I'm doing great" turned to "when is this going to be over". I'm happy to say mom and new baby girl are doing fine as are daddy and the new big brother!


Funny but I actually did do something this week! My poor exhausted cousin came over to pick up her son and do a family page for his 1st day at preschool! I worked with her, got out the Gypsy, did a few cuts while she watched on and had Braxton Hicks! And no picture, can you believe that?  You would think after the last mini disaster I would remember to pull out the camera and say cheese.  SHEESH!


This week has been a big 'not much done week'. Aside from putting on the
first border and taking it off again because it was not done right. Ah yes, the newbie in me strikes again. I read two different ways to do a metered border now for you gals who have been doing this like puting on your slip on shoes, I'm sure you are laughing. But there are those who do not quite match your expertise and abilities. Yup, I'm one of those! I've done two quilt borders and they both have been squared corners. This is my first mitered so bare with me!

Hope those who read are doing well, staying healthy last but not least, Scrappin' and Quilting there hearts out!

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