Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cricut Imagine is here and where to find help. ***SPECIAL UPDATE

The Cricut Imagine is out!!!  So far the new owner evaluations are  between the pro's and the con's (see HSN Imagine listing and some new owners speak out!).  There are some who have already sent thier Imagine back and wait for a new one! There are others who have had no problems with it and love their new Imagine!  I will keep you updated!  

Places where to find help:

 this is the actual Cricut forum spot set up JUST FOR IMAGINE owner help!
Imagine tech support forum 

this is a list of videos over the last 24 hours for the Imagine
list of you tube videos for Cricut Imagine 

I will be updating this every day for the next week or so.  I hope this helps someone.  

Thursday there were no updates but Today I have a few of my own...
I called:

Gypsy Q:  updates for the Gypsy and the Imagine won't be ready untill end of the month, mid October.  Till then?  trudge through the carts and know that it won't be an issue after October.

Outline:  To outline as the artist intended.  use default.  For a larger outline use the custom and you can increase the line that way and give it a different color!  Outline currently only be used with the Imagine cartridges.  Sorry, no update on that one.  
Mats:  No, we are not crazy.  Some of the mats are a little difficult but the adhesive does increase with use.  Do try to use a plastic scrapper on the mat and then a quick wipe with a warm water cloth.  DO NOT DRY.  let it dry.  There should be some sticky then.  If not?  Call Support

Imagine:  It is a computer.  Be kind.  Pushing too many buttons at the same time can confuse your Imagine.  If it starts to get fussy try shutting it off, unplug and then get it going again after 5-10 minute pause.  It should come back to normal.  Otherwise call the Cricut Support. 

Paper/Cardstock:  Trial and error.  It is suggested to use the 70 lb paper/cardstock.  Once again if it is lighter paper/cardstock?  Try a slower speed and/or lower depth on the blade.  

Other Q's?
 Cricut Support
Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm (MST)
Cricut suppport: 801-932-1144
Toll Free: 877-7CRICUT (877-727-4288)
Fax: 801-794-9001

Be patient, they are swampped with phone calls.  I waited for 8 minutes. 
NO QUESTION IS STUPID!!  So they sit and laugh about it on a coffee break.  No problem.  You got your question answered that is all that counts! 

Good Luck!  Heck!  Send me an e-mail, I might be able to help or learn something new!

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  1. WOW I have heard all the horror stories about the Imagine and I think I will be sticking with my Expression. I was reading a blog yesterday about a woman that has returned 2 Imagines and each machine messed up on the cutting. Maybe in a few years when Cricut has worked out all the bugs ( ha ha) I will consider buying an Imagine. Have a great weekend!!