Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Days!!

Bug celebrated his 3 birthday! Hubby and I celebrated 4 years of marriage the day before.  It has been difficult this week as a flare up has been one of the worse! My fault though.
Saturday the 31st we had a renter leave our place in a state that appeared beyond repair and cleaning! At 4:00 in the afternoon, finding someone to do a '911' job is impossible. Although if we are ever in need of a Bio-clean (one of those groups who cleans murder scenes/crime messes) I now have a phone number! We were off to the supermarket for a rug doctor then home to gather supplies. I called my parents and my aunt was visiting as well so they hopped in the car and helped too! There we all were cleaning the condo and doing our best to make it presentable until necessary repairs could be made. I can honestly say that the bio-clean guys probably would have been the best choice in this situation based on some of the 'messes' we found.  
One week after that fun job and I'm still not feeling the best but I am not feeling like I did this past Monday either!  

I have not done A THING!  Well, not entirely true, I cleaned up MY little corner of my hub-bubs office  and thought about the layout for cutting some chipboard. 

I FINALLY finished a quilt! Okay, it's the doggy quilt but that's okay, accomplishment comes in baby steps sometimes.  Four blocks sewn together, quilted with batting, backing and a label...technically that is a quilt!  Each block is a 10" x 10" and the name of the block is 'Children's Delight'.  I printed the block pattern from Quilters Cache.  This place is an excellent resource for block patterns and quilting information.  Thank You Marcia Hohn, you are WONDER WOMAN (note, all caps)! 
Here are some pics:
 Front was made with holiday scraps in brown and white, binding with green.

Back is made with  the same white scrap fabric on front and label has a machine stitched green leaf border. The lettering flowers and cross stitch  border between the date and quilter information hand stitched in 18 count Aida fabric.    

I had fun doing this and learned a great deal from it. Now to go forward, bind my big quilt and start another!  Bye for now

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