Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back for More!

Bug is having a growth spurt sleep cycle - What a relief!! Hubby has been a bit tired lately too (he is the Middle Of The Night go-to person). Justin is working a lot and has FINALLY decided to work on his car (long story...another time)!A couple of days now I've been bouncing, well not bouncing literally more like hobbling, from scrappin' to quilting.

Scrapp News: I have completed the 'Au Naterel' and will be posting that together with Grandma and Grandpa layouts in the next couple of days. look for me at My Place to the right! Working on an idea and will post it HERE once it is completed! It is a mini-scrapbook for purse use and grandma grab outta the sack and show off type of thing!

Quilt News: I have NOT started the binding on my first quilt BUT (and a very large one I might add...) I have almost completed the dogs quilt! Almost done with the binding and accomplished the corners with few problems. Label time around the Corner!! Hurrah! (no military affiliation, just like saying it)

That's it for now!

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