Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Day in Blogland!

First time Blogging. So stay with me here. I love scrapbooking and have just learned how to quilt. There is so much to learn but I have to take my time. I am a mommy of 2. Bug is going to be 3 and Baby Bear, well, not such a Baby anymore at !7.

I have some disabilities that make typing and the above crafting a little difficult but on good days and when Bug is busy with Big Daddy I can work at my own pace.

The disabilities? Where do I start? Diabetes technically this is not a disability until complications set in and that is where I am. Lupus (newly diagnosed) once again not a disability but the arthritis makes it impossible to do things sometimes! Chronic Pain (from an accident in 2003) this one actually counts as a true disability! I suffered a leg injury that basically makes walking a little difficult. Mall trips include a wheelchair. Short doctor visits and grocery shopping (when I can) with a cane. I have a few devices that make living easier. Insulin pump for the diabetes, implanted nerve stimulator, implanted pain medication pump.

I plan on having bits about information I have, info that I get and info about other blogs and sites that I find on scrapping ( Cricut ROCKS!! ) and quilting. The icky stuff? I don't talk about that too much but when asked I will answer!

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