Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Back!!! And more goodies to share!

I returned just as I said I would!  Exciting news New Years came and it was 100% better then last years.  (DON'T ASK!) I hope that whoever is watching has also had a pleasant time in 2011!  It's the 12th! Time to break those resolutions!  *LOL*  I am doing fairly well.  The Baby Bug is in school twice a week!  If you include Sunday School that is 3 times a week!  He is enjoying everything and loving being away from the parental units.  His first day of school we arrived to pick him up and he did NOT want to come home.  That was a bit embarrassing but....oh well!  Daddy is back at work!  After a five week vacation it is about time!  Yes, we are together 24/7 anyway with him working from home. But when he is in the office there is some sort of difference, how would I word this, hummm?  Peace! Yes that's it!  Quiet meaning, sound w/out yelling!  I've had a headache the past few days it might just be the mental drop from high, loud speed!  Justin, *SIGH* give me a few more weeks and I'll tell you!

Christmas Program at Church (shepherd)

First Day of School

Finally finished the quilt!

I was so impressed with it that I screamed (quietly though, it was 12:54 am) when it was completed:

Scrappy Stuff
Christmas 2010 Page

This is of Baby Bear and Baby Bug (picture i mentioned when last we met) Don't we look happy! 

This page was made with Bazzill 12x12 smooth White Cardstock on the base with Tim Holtz Fire Brick and Forest Pine Distress Ink, also distressed edges.  1st layer is Bazzill 12x12 Canvas in Pomegranete, and Aspen.  The 1st mat on the photo is Basic Grey Wassill double sided paper pack and the 2nd mat is the other side of the 1st!  White with red patterned paper has a little Tim Holtz Tea Dye Distree Ink and a touch of the other two. A red velvet ribbon border to the left and a red velvet flower with a lace flower layer inside.  Ended with an vintage glass button eenter with a tied with hemp twine. 

Stick Pins
 I made some stick pins with the use of a You Tube video.  WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT YOU TUBE? Very simple to make as I said in, I spent more time making the waawhoosie thinkgy to display the pins then I did actually making the pins themselves.  SIMPLE!  Some corsage pins, color the top peral or drop pearl with permenant marker to match beads/crkystals being used on the pin.  Four to 6 items depending on size then a drop of Blossy Accents to keep them from falling off!  Not much Glossy Accents is needed.  The You tube video I saw is above this blog ! Let me know how they turn out!!  These ARE truly EASY!

Lace and Tag Swap (Double click close up!)
I was so happy to complete these tags until I started looking at everyone elses...OUT OF THIER LEAGUE!  I can't even hope to be a water boy! I corresponded with the host and she smoothed out my ruffled feathers for me.  She is a sweetheart Hey Martica @!! OXOX

I continued with my tags.  They were made with the print was Imagine, cartridge: Elise, Cricut cart for Patterned Papper and colors, Cricut Lite - Lacy Labels for tags front border and back. and added heart butteflies and dangle flower are Beyond Birthdays. 3 types of lace to each label . 

I did add other little baubbles to this just before sending them.  each tag had a mock charm hanging from each dangle flower.  The charms wee NOT charms but a throw together with two vintage buttons.  One of the butons is glass and the other is not.  I am hopping they are eventually used in the receivers future LO's or cards or something!  :)

That's it for today!  Have a lovely week and see you next Wednesday!


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  1. All works are beautiful! And all them are full of good spirits!