Monday, January 24, 2011

Nothing but a cough, sniffles and a card to share. :o(

I've had a cold the past 10 days!  Horrible! I think I'm finally over the worse of it but I'm so tired I can't really enjoy the relief.  Did that make sense? I know that part of the problem is because of the Lupus too. I was hoping that it would just disappear by Saturday but that did not happen! Well, despite my better judgment (who knows when that ever really shows up), we went to the opera on Saturday night and saw Turandot!  Wow!  That was wonderful!  I started to feel very uncomfortable with pain the last 20 min but I toughed it out! I gave a bolus with the pump but that only helps the back with a little relief to the leg.  The Headache does not disappear. even as I'm typing now.

The Lil Bug is doing well and growing so much!  I feel like I just bought clothes for him and he is starting to really grow into them!  We got them big enough so that he would have them for at least the rest of this year!  I wish I could get him regular clothes.  He inherited my lousy skin sensitivity which causes irritation and rashes with most materials.  We can wear the organic cotton stuff but if you have seen the prices on'd be shocked! We are at 3 years and I keep hoping this will pass!  

18 year old Baby Bear is well, still 18.  He has been working on his car a lot lately!  Vehicle is back on the road and looking great!  The Lil Bug says 240SX with out skipping a beat and big brother thinks that is the BEST!  

My poor hubby is still battling this cold too which makes me worry a bit.  He has had this monster longer than I have and that leaves me with one question.  When does it finally go away? He has been working so hard trying to keep the household running.  I often feel very bad for not helping like I know I should.  It's all frustraiting sometimes and somehow we always manage. For the most part, we always manage.  :o)  

no news is not always good news.  I still haven't made the labels for the last two quilts I made!  Urrrrghhh!  I know that they understand. Strange but  lately I feel like I'm never really focused. f 

For list of products pls visit my gallery at 'My Place' (click tab) on the upper left
I saw the HSN Cricut/Anna Griffin card contest on Facebook and thought 'NO PROBLEM!  I can do that"!  Make a card with at least one or more of the Anna Griffin products and one or more cuts from one or more of the following Cricut cartridges; Don Juan, Winter Lace and Wall Decor and More. Unfortunately I saw it the day after they put it out on facebook.  That makes a ton of difference when trying to find the Anna Griffin paper! Sadly I had none!I managed to find some at a few places and purchased some from my FAV online place,, I figured I had the weekend and overnight it on Monday this will be fun. Saturday had come, and I had been at a lite night scrap the night before at my local place Scrapbooks etc,. My scrapping cohort informs me that Monday is Martin Luther King Day abd the post office will be closed.  I looked at the clock, 3:30 PM our P.O. was closed already.  I posted my card as she did and thought there is always something else we can do!

I have these two swaps to finish up!  One is the 3 card swap and the other is handmade flowers swap. My two colors are black and blue.  I figured that since I always feel that way, I'll make flowers in those colors! I will show those next week!

I have started the Preschool for the Lil Bug!  It looks great so far!  Will get some pictures of that in next week too!  

Okay, that is it for now!!  Happy January 24, 2011 to anyone who sees this on this day!   

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